Lawnhill Farm, Eydon, Northants NN11 3PE

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 About Us

Our Hand made Caskets

Our Dedicated Scattering Area


At Lawnhll we offer, as a famly, a personal service at the sad time of need for pet owners who have lost a dearly loved member of the family.

Your deceased pet can be collected from your home at a time to suit you, or from the premises of your Veterinary Clinic, whose staff are familiar with out code of practice.
We offer helpful advice and will give full details of the individual cremation service.

Alternatively, you may wish to bring your pet to us. In which case, a prior phone call will ensure we are here to receive you.


We have a dedicated wooden chalet with comfortable furnishings where you can have a final farewell with your pet in privacy. There is no time limit - take as long as you need.


The cremation usually takes place the same day as collection. All of our cremations are individual to ensure that the ashes returned to you are those solely of your pet.


The ashes can be returned to you either in a specially designed, easy opening container, for you to scatter in a favourite place, or in a hardwood casket with an engraved brass plate with the name and a short sentiment or dates. All our caskets are suitable for internment or to keep.

The ashes are returned withn one week of collection of your pet


Our caskets are individually hand made here at Lawnhill. The engraving is also done on our premises.


Here at Lawnhill we have set aside an area of land for the purpose of scattering the ashes of Individually cremated pets for those who would prefer this.

We have planted many young trees and shrubs which will mature in years to come, but the area has deliberately been left in a completely natural condition to preserve the tranquility of the countryside, and is, indeed, an ideal location to scatter the ashes of pets at rest. (This area is dedicated for Individual Cremations only)


We are able to offer advice and can make arrangements for the cremation of Horses and Ponies. Please feel free to ring us for any help you may need.

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