Discuss your exact needs :

Are you a pub that needs to advertise Live Music each week? or a business that regularly changes stock?  Or are you a business where the information you want to publicise remains the same? Whatever your business needs, I will discuss and advise on the best way to get your message across and promote your business to a wider market.


Design your website:

Do you have a Corporate Logo? Corporate Colours? If so, I will design a website that incorporates your Logo/Colours that you will be happy with. If not, I can design a Logo for you to be incorporated in your site. If you have photographs that you want to include, you can email them to me, or, depending on your location, I would be happy to visit your business and take pictures.


Name your website:

I will check out the availability of your chosen (Domain) name, both .com and If your chosen name is not available, I will help and suggest suitable alternatives. Once a name has been decided on, I will Register it on your behalf. Domain Name Registrations can last  from 12 months to 5 years.



If you do not already have one, I can register an email address that will be linked to your site.


Preview Your Site:

I will send you regular 'previews' of your site so you have the opportunity to actually see what it will look like once it's published. You will have the opportunity throughout the whole process to suggest items for inclusion, alteration or deletion. Its your website and I want to make it an enjoyable experience by including you at every step of the way.


Key Words:

When you do a Google search for a particular product or business, surprisingly, it isn't  just the name of the product/business that the search engine looks for. It looks for and selects the websites that have the most common key words included in your search. For example, some of my key words are: websites - design - pubs - small business - bars- plus key words which indicate my location ie 'Bicester, Oxfordshire'....get the idea? if you were to do a google search for 'Pub websites in Bicester' or 'small business website design in Oxfordshire' the spiders would search the www and hopefully will bring up my site even though you never actually searched for 'WiddyDog'. These Key words are built into your site and I will advise and discuss the most appropriate words for your business.


Publishing your website:

Once you are happy with the look and design of your website, I will organise publishing your site on the web. Like Domain Names, publishing (hosting) lasts from 12 months to 5 years before you will have to re-subscribe.



Once published, unfortunately you cannot expect to just 'Google' your website name and expect to find it straight away, even with your key words. Your site has to be verified by Google, which means it will have to be submitted to the Google webmaster who will issue a special code (meta-tag) that is then built into your site. Once the site has been verified by Google and the meta-tag (code) has been found, the Google Spiders (the search engines that crawl round the world wide web looking for new web pages) will find it much quicker, and therefore speed up the publishing process. This can take from a couple of days to a month - unfortunately there is no way to speed this bit up - imagine how many new sites are being published every day that the Spiders have to find!



Once your site is up and running, you might want to make changes once in a while, or on a regular basis. I am happy to maintain and up-date your site as and when required.



While waiting for Google to find your site, there are other thing we can be doing. Firstly, Google Maps. I will register your business to be included on google maps so when anyone 'googles' you or your business, the search page will highlight you on a map with details of your full address, description of your business and contact number.

There is also Google AdSense, where you accept adverts from other similar business to display on your site. This can earn you money as well!

There are plenty of other local sites that will let you put a link onto their site, or refer their visitors to your site, such as 'places to visit in your area' Thompsons Local directory etc. and I would be happy to do this for you. 

Can it be any simpler? Contact WiddyDog Websites for all your Website needs.